T.T.C. - Tamiya Torque Control

Accessory number 53087 which is identified as ‘Tamiya Torque Control’ is the first mechanical traction control system to be released on the market by Tamiya.

Super Astute model number 58097 had it as factory equipment and could be installed on Astute model 58080, Madcap model 58082, Saint Dragon model 58083, Nissan King Cab model 58081, and the Toyota Hi-Lux Monster Racer model 58086.
The set consists of several parts.

The aim of this system is to reduce the stress on the gears caused by sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration and abrupt landings after jumps and bumps.
The sudden change of load on the drive wheels or a drive wheel is immediately transferred to the first gear, the function of this system is to dissipate excess energy that is damped through the clutch and not discharged to the gears. This allows a more efficient transmission of energy and motor power during acceleration, saves wear on the parts during deceleration – acceleration and during landings.
The clutch has two tasks:

– it protects the second gear from excessive torque and
– helps maintain optimum traction on slippery surfaces.

Physically, the clutch system consists of two lateral plates (highlighted in green), which have the function of compressing the central plate (highlighted in orange) more or less firmly. The clutch physically separates the larger main spur gear (highlighted in blue in the picture) from the second smaller gear (highlighted in red) in fact it is located between the two gears: the slippage between the two parts is adjustable through the adjustment of the clutch itself. The torque management function is dependent on the friction between the two lateral and central plates.

In order to achieve the best operation, the slip must be adjusted.
When doing this, care must be taken not to over-tighten the adjustment nut as this could damage the three discs:

– insert the spanner (follow the blue line) into the adjustment nut (highlighted in green),
– tighten the clutch adjustment nut (red arrow) to allow the best grip on the bottom with plenty of grip and
– loosen the clutch adjustment nut (orange arrow) to allow the best grip on slippery ground.

To find the best working point it is necessary to perform this operation several times to find the best compromise: start from the situation where the nut is tightest (solution for high-grip terrain) and unscrew the nut until you reach the point where the model has the best traction on the surface on which the model is running. Be careful never to tighten the adjusting nut to the end of the stroke in this condition you will damage the three clutch plates

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