Front Shock

It is possible to modify the front steering system of the F1, F1 Competition Special, F2 and F2 Competition Special, Countach and Countach Competiton Special chassis by taking a cue from the system introduced on the RM MK5…7 chassis and adding the suspension system.

All of these chassis are without suspension, but have a very similar steering system that shares the main parts.
Picture sequence showing the modification to be made:

– the original system with the black hub has no play on the spindles; it can only rotate in relation to the zamak frame.
– machine the black hub with 400 grit sandpaper to obtain a reduction of the cylinder sliding on the spindle pin, see white arrow
– insert a spring to absorb road bumps

When the black arm is modified it has a new degree of freedom: it can rotate and can move up and down.
The same modification is not possible at the rear: the frame only has a damping function on the front axle.

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