Tamtech 470XX and 480XX

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Tamtech long wheel base
2WD, on road

47001 - Porsche 962C

47002 - Lancia LC2

47003- BMW GTP

47004- Ford Mustang Pro GTP

Tamtech short wheel base
2WD, on road

47005 - Ferrari TestaRossa

47006 - Porsche 961

47007 - Lamborghini Coutach 5000

Tamtech F1
2WD, formula 1

47008 - Ferrari 643

47009 - Lotus Type 102B

47010 - Mc Laren MP4/6

Long wheel base vs short wheel base Tamtech chassis

Custom body for
Tamtech chassis

How to design and build a track for Tamtech 1/24

The 470XX family comes complete with chassis, body, radio control, battery charger and battery: a 'ready to go' model. The 480XX family comes with chassis and body, keeping the final 470XX number.

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