Striker is named after the first model released for sale using this chassis:

– Striker model number 58061 put on sale in 1987 and available on the market until 1991
– Sonic Fighter, model number 58071 put on sale in 1988 and available on the market until 1989

For the first time, Tamiya made available on the market a complete solution with remote control, battery, steering servo control, speed control receiver and battery charger: Sonic Fighter, model number 57002 put on sale in 1988 and available on the market until 1989

There are several images appearing in the Guide Books published by Tamiya: in addition to the model filmed in action, there are two different body colour solutions.

This is the fact sheet with the main features of these two models.

For Tamiya, Striker is the entry model into the world of radio-controlled cars; it inherits this role from the Grasshopper model number 58043. These are the main features of this chassis
– large front bumper to protect the wheels;
– two-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive,
– three-satellite rear differential,

– independent suspension on the front wheels with single A-shaped lower arm,
– independent longitudinal-arm suspension on the rear wheels,
– 4 spring-loaded shock absorbers for Striker and 4 yellow C.V.A. shock absorbers for Sonic Fighter. As done for previous families, Tamiya develops the family with each release of a new model, in this case upgrading the shock absorbers from Striker to Sonic Fighter. The different solution involves a different conformation of the front suspension arms (on the left the Striker solution and on the right the Sonic Fighter solution),

– styrene bodies that are different for the two models. This difference results in a different front clip tower highlighted in red for Striker and in blue for Sonic Fighter

The chassis is quite delicate and does not tolerate jumps or tracks that are too rough.

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