Madcap is named after the first model released for sale using this chassis:

– Madcap, model number 58082 put on sale in 1989 and available on the market until 2002,
– Saint Dragon, model number 58083 put on sale in 1990 and available on the market until 1992.

The Saint Dragon model is the latest model in the 58xxxx family inspired by the children’s magazine CoroCoro Comic:

– Thunder Dragon 4WD Thundershot chassis, model 58073 from 1988,
– Fire Dragon 4WD Thundershot chassis, model 58078 from 1989,
– Saint Dragon 2WD Madcap chassis, 1990 model 58083

In 2020, model 47438 Super Storm Dragon 2WD Grasshopper chassis was released.

In addition to these models, there were several re-releases and the series was also released for sale as Mini 4WD.

The protagonist of this comic is R/C Boy radio-controlled car driver who races his cars against other boys. The Madcap chassis shares the design philosophy with the Astute chassis. The Madcap chassis is a further simplified evolution of the Astute model 58080.

The main features of this model are:

– rear-wheel drive,
– ball differential that is the same as that installed on the Astute,
– four independent suspensions with oil-free shock absorbers,
– chassis consisting of a plastic tub and
– easy access to the gearbox to change gear ratios or carry out maintenance.

The two models are identical and differ only in:

– the four shock absorbers; they are blue on the Madcap and red on the Saint Dragon,
– the two bodies are different, highlighted right and centre is the body with wing on the Madcap and right the curvy body on the Saint Dragon

– the Madcap body has three attachment points (marked ‘BE1’) and a rear wing with its support (highlighted in red)

– The Saint Dragon body has two attachment points with the chassis, despite this the two central Madcap towers (highlighted in red) are also present on the Saint Dragon. The central attachment point of the body at the rear is a part only available on the Saint Dragon chassis (highlighted in blue)

The instructions for the Saint Dragon body illustrate how it can be cut to fit the Madcap chassis, the Hornet Grasshopper chassis, the Thundershot chassis of the Terra Scorcher – Thunders Shot – Thunder Dragon -Fire Dragon models and the Grassohopper II chassis of the Grassopper II – Super Hornet models.

List of the main differences between the Madcap and Astute chassis:

– The Madcap chassis takes the shape of the Astute chassis, but is a plastic tub. The central chassis houses the battery, receiver, steering servo and motor speed control.

– the suspension system has the same geometry based on four oil-free shock absorbers. the Madcap does not have bushings for the suspension arms; after field tests with the Astute chassis, it was agreed that it is more effective to replace the suspension arms when the bindings wear out than to have this added weight

– the front suspension towers are a plastic evolution of those of the Astute, the flexibility of the parts making them less prone to breakage. Left: the FRP system of the Astute without the front reinforcement that was later added in the Super Astute and right: the Madcap version

– differential box is the same between Astute and Madcap-Saitn Dragon (identified by the initials ‘A4’ in the picture, left the Astute model and right the Madcap model) differs only in the motor mount, which is metal in Astute and plastic in Madcap – Saint Dragon (identified by the initials ‘F1’ in the picture),

– as an aftermarket accessory it is possible to install the T.T.C. traction control developed for the Super Astute and then fitted as accessory number 53087 suitable for installation on the Astute, Madcap and Saint Dragon.
– The suspension mounts have the same dimensions and therefore it is possible to install Madcap suspension on the Astute and vice versa. The lower arms of both the front and rear suspensions (on the left the B part of the Astute and on the right those of the Madcap) have different shapes, but the dimensions of the mounts are the same.


The body alone was used in the Saint Dragon, model number 47459 put on sale in 2022 and available on the market until 2023; the chassis is an updated version of the Thundershot chassis used with the Fire Dragon model 58078, which is four-wheel drive and not two-wheel drive like the original model.

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