Clutch gear for Quattro and Willy chassis

Accessory number X 7533 which is identified as “Clutch gear for 35, 36, 37, 39” is the first clutch system to be released on the market by Tamiya.
Wild Willy model number 58035, Audi Quattro Rally model number 58036, Opel Ascona 400 Rally model number 58037 and Willy’s Wheeler model number 58039 have this clutch as factory equipment, which comes pre-assembled.
The set consists of several parts.

1- steel axle with slot for installing the universal joint
2- brass truncated cone firmly attached to axle 1
3- gear shaped on one side to fit with the brass truncated cone and on the other to accommodate the spring 4,
4- spring which determines the action of the factory preloaded clutch which pushes gear 3 on cone 2 retained by circular plate 5 locked by C-shaped washer
5- circular plate to retain spring 5
6- C-washer to lock plate 5 on axis 1

The aim of this system is to reduce the stress on the gears caused by sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration and abrupt landings after jumps and bumps.
The sudden change of load on the drive wheels or a drive wheel is immediately transferred to the first gear, the function of this system is to dissipate excess energy that is damped through the clutch and not discharged to the gears. This allows a more efficient transmission of energy and engine power during acceleration, saves wear on the parts during deceleration – acceleration and during landings.
The clutch’s task is to protect the second gear from excessive torque.
The clutch is pre-assembled at the factory and there is no way to calibrate its slipping action, sequence of pictures illustrating the construction of a clutch:

– left image, the five parts that make up the clutch in order of installation
– the brass cone fits perfectly into the gear, disappearing inside it
– clutch installed, in order to lock the C-ring it is necessary to preload the spring by compressing it with pliers.
After locking the C-ring, check that it is correctly installed and locked to the axle before releasing the spring. releasing the spring.

The natural development of this clutch is ‘Tamiya Torque Control‘ accessory number 53087 . The TTC is the first mechanical traction control system to be released on the market by Tamiya.

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