Spare parts

It is impossible to display the parts table of the first 150 models on a single WEB page, the best method is to copy and paste the table below into an Excel sheet. Follow these steps:

– open a new Excel file and paste the information we are going to select into this Web page

– return to this Web page

– go to the bottom of the last line of the table by “scrolling” the mouse wheel or using the vertical bar on the right; the position to be reached is the one corresponding to code 50576, “3 mm group screw (10 pcs)” (see image);

– Place the mouse arrow on the horizontal movement bar of the table, hold down the left mouse button and move the bar all the way to the right. You must reach the position shown in the picture where the table bar reaches its limit to the right.

– position the mouse in the last cell at the bottom right of the table by moving the mouse arrow just above the horizontal movement bar of the table, press the right mouse button, hold down the right mouse button and move the arrow to the first cell at the top left.
This selects the entire table and the selected elements change the background colour to black

– when the whole table is selected (stop the mouse arrow as shown and the texts are all with a black background), lift your finger from the left mouse button, press the right mouse button, the drop-down menu appears and select ‘copy’
– open the new Excel sheet
– place the mouse in the first A1 cell at the top left, press the right mouse button, select “paste”, save the file to your computer

The table below which is the parts guide for the first 150 models is now available in Excel format

Model namePorsche 934Porsche 935Tyrrell P34XR311CountachPorsche 936CheetahCountach CSCelica Gr.5 CSLigierFerrari 312T3Ligier CSMarch BMWMartini MK22Roughr RiderSand SancherB2B sidecarRALT RT2Williams FW07JPS Lotus 79CamAm LolaDatsun 280Holiday BuggySand RoverGolfRenault 5 turbo Ford F150 rangerToyota Pick Up 4×4Blazing BlazerHonda F2Brabham BMWTornadoFord C100Super ChampWild Willy Audi QuattroOpel AsconaSubaru BratWilly’s wheelerLancia rallyThe FrogPorsche 956The GrasshopperPajeroHornetFast Attack vehicleHot shotBruiserToyota Toms 84Wild oneThe FoxNewman PorscheRoad Wizard F1SuperShotBoomerangFalconBigWigBlackfootPorsche 959new BeetleStrikerHot Shot IILunch BoxToyota Celica Gr BClod BusterSuper SabroeThunder ShotLotus Honda 99TWilliams F11B HondaMidnight PumpingSonic FighterAvanteThunder DragonGrasshopper IITerra ScorcherVanquishMud BlasterFire DragonEgressAstuteNissan King CabMad CapSaint DragonFerrari F189Avante 2001Toyota hiluxManta rayMercedes C11Bull headTyrrell 19Nissan 300 ZXJaguar XJR12Bear HawkHonda NSXLotus 102BToyota Celica GT4Super Astute Ferrari F40Nissan SkylineTop forceBush DevilMazda 787BJordan 191Mc Laren MP4/6 HondaWilliams FW14Stadium BlitzerTop-Force EvolutionMerceds Benz 190 AMG Evo IINissan R91CPSuper BlackFootToyota 4×4 Pick Up MountaineerFord Escort RS CosworthSchnitzer BMW M3 Sport EvoFootwork FA13 Mugen-HondaTerra ConquerorDyna StormLancia Delta HF integraleBenetton B192Toyota Celica GT-4 RCAxia Skyline GTR GR.AIdemitsu Motion Mugne CivicBlitzeer BeetleDyna BlasterSuper HornetMichelen Pilot Ford Escort RSLotus 107B FordCastrol Honda Civic VTIAlfa Romeo 155 V6 TICastrol Celica 93 MontecarloSauber C12Toms LevinMisubishi Pajero Metal Top WideJaccs CivicNewman Hass K Mart Texaco Lola T93/00 FordCalsonic Skyline GTR GR.AToyota PreRunerBlitz Toyota Supra Gr.NRenault Clio WilliamsMercedes Benz Amg C Class DTM D-2HKS Nissan Skyline GTR GR.AJeep WranglerFerrari 412T1Ford Mondeo BTCC Touring CarNissan 300 ZX IMSA GTSPro Markt-Zak Speed Mercedes Benz Amg C Class DTM D-24×4 Racing Truck Chevy s-10Castrol Nissan Primera JTCCRahal-Hogan Motorola Lola T94/00 HondaMini Cooper RoverOpel Calibra V6 DTM
Chassis934934P34XR311CountachCountachXR311CSCSF1F1F1F2F2SRBSRBB2BF2F1CSF1CSRM MK1RM Mk2HolidayHolidayGolfGolfSRB3 Speed3 SpeedF2CSF1CSRM MK3RM MK4SRB Super ChampWild Willy QuattroQuattroORVWild WillyORVORVRM MK5GrasshopperPajeroGrasshopperFAVHot ShotBrusierRM MK6FAVFOXRM MK7Road WizardHot ShotBoomerangFalconBigWigBlackfoot959BlackfootStrikerhHot ShotCW-01959ClodBoomerangThunder ShotRoad WizzardRoad WizardCW-01StrikerAvanteThundershotGrasshopper IIThunder ShotAvanteBlackfootThunder ShotAvanteAstuteKing CabMad CapMad CapF101AvanteKing CabDF-01Group CClodF101Group CGroup CFalconGroup CF101TA01AstuteGroup CTA01DF-01BlackfootGroup CF101F102F102FalconDF-01TA01Group CBlackfootBruiserTA01TA01F102DF-01Dyna StoermTA01F102TA01TA01FF01FalconDyna StormGrasshopper IITA01F103FF01TA02TA02F103FF01CC-01FF01F103LTA02TA02TA02FF01TA02TA02CC-01F103FF01TA02WTA02TA02FF01F103LM-01TA02
50001Wheel set Porsche 934XX
50002Porsche 934 sticker AX
50003Porsche 934 sticker BX
50004Porsche 934 sticker CX
50006Porsche 934-935 gear box setXX
50007Porsche 934-935 chassis setXX
50008Steering setXX
50010Swithc setXXXXX
50011Differential Gear setXXXXXXXX
50012Pinion Gear Set for RS380XXXXXXXXXXX
50013battery Holder setXXX
50014ABS front bumperXXXXXXXXXX
50016Porsche 935 sticker setX
50017Track set 17 links
50018micro switch set
50019Turrell P34 setX
50020Tyrrell P34 chassis setX
50021Tyrrell P34 steering setX
50022Tyrrell P34 gear box setX
50024pinior gear set RS-540XXXXXXXXXXXX
50026XR311 chassis setXX
50027XR311 under guard setX
50028XR311 Bevel gear setXX
50029XR311 parts EXX
50030XR311 Pparts GXX
50031XR311 parts Z figureXX
50032XR311 parts D wheelsX
50033XR311 gear setXX
50034XR311 shaft setXX
50035XR311 universal schaft setXX
50037Cathc pin set Porsche 934-935XXX
50040Cheetah wheel setX
50041Porsche 934 slick racing tyre frontX
50042Porsche 934 slick racing tyre rearXXX
50043Racing tyre front all weather 934XXXX
50044Racing tyre rear all weather 934XXX
50045Porsche 934 body setXX
50046Racing tyre front all weather 935 with wheelX
50047Racing tyre rear all weather 935 with wheelX
50048Porsche 935 body part setXX
50049P34 Tyrrell set tyre slicke front with wheelX
50050P34 Tyrrell set tyre slicke rear with wheelXX
50051Tyrrell P34 body part set X
50052XR311 tyre set 2 pcsX
50053XR311 body part setX
50054Variable Resistor Speed Control SwitchXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50055Sponge tyre front A setXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50056Sponge tyre rear A setXXX
50057Sponge tyre rear B setXX
50058Sponge tyre rear C setXXX
50059Porsche 934-935 gear box RS540 setXX
50060Cheetah tyre setX
50061Cheetah body part setX
50062Countach body part setXXXX
50063Countach wheel setXX
50064Countach Stiker setX
50065Countach Porsche 936 gear boxXX
50066Countach Porsche 936 chassis boxXX
50067Countach Porsche 936 steering setXX
50069Bush setXXXXXXX
50070Porsche 936 body part setXXXX
50071Porsche 936 stiker setX
50072Countach – Porsche 936 Gear case + RS540 motor setXXXX
50074Rubber tyre front set tipe AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50075Diplo tyre front set tipe AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50076Sponge tyre rear DXX
50077differential small gear setXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50078Special Chassis SetXX
50079Special steering setXX
50080Countach Porsche 936 pin setXXXX
50081Toyota Celiba Lb Gr 5 body part setXXXX
50082Ligier JS9 body part setXXXXXX
50083Celica Turbo LB Gr 5 stickerX
50084Ligier JS9 stickerXX
50085F1 bumper setXXXXXX
50086F1 Gear SetXXX
50087F1 chassis setXX
50088F1 stearing setXX
50089upright gear setXXXXXXXXXX
50090Special pinion set 22 and 24 TXXXXXX
50091Wheel stopper setXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50092Ferrari 312T3 body part setXXXXXX
50093Ferrari sticker setX
50094Match body setXX
50095Martini Body setXX
50096Rubber tyre rev D with wheelXXXXX
50097Match stikerX
50098Martini StikerX
50099F2 chassis setXX
50100F2 steering setXXX
50101F2 switch setXXXXX
50102F2 bush setXXX
50103F2 gear case for RS540 motor setXXX
50104Sponge tyre rear EXXX
50107Porsche 908 body setXXXX
50108F2 FRP chassis setXXX
50109Martini Lotus Body setXXXXXX
50110Rought Rider body setX
50111Sand Sancher body setX
501121/10 racing buggy stiker setXX
501131/10 racing buggy switch setXXX
501141/10 racing buggy rear guardXXX
501151/10 racing buggy front suspentionXXXX
501161/10 racing buggy rear suspentionXXXX
501171/10 Racing buggy universal joinXXXXXXXXXXX
501181/10 Racing buggy damperXXXXXXX
50119Roughr Rider spare tyre rearXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50120Roughr Rider spare tyre frontXXXXXXXXXXX
50121Sand Sancher spare tyre frontXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50122Sand Sancher spare tyre rearXXXXXXXXX
50123CS FRP chassisXXXX
50124F1 FRP chassis setXXXXXX
50125B2B racing sidecar body setX
50126B2B racing sidecar upright front wheel setX
50127B2B front bumper and bush setX
501281/10 racing buggy upright setXXXXXXX
50129Ralt body setXXX
50130Ralt steakerX
50131William body setXXXXXX
50132William stiker setX
50133nylon arm and upright setXXXXX
50134JPS Lotus steakerX
501351/10 buggy bumperXXXXXX
50136RS540D black motor gear box setXXXXX
50137Sponge tyre set front B with red wheelXX
50138sponge tyre set rear F with red wheelXX
50139RM spur gear and pinion setXX
50140RM FRP chasssisX
50141RM 6mm ball bearing set 2 pcsXX
501426mm rear shaftXX
50143CamAm body setX
50145Tornado RM1 body partX
50146RM bumperXX
50147RM diffrential gear setXX
50148RM speed control switch setXX
50149RM ball bearing setXX
50150Molded sponge front tyre tipe AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50151Datsun 280 Body partX
50152Holiday buggy front tyre with wheelXXXXXXXXXXX
50153Holiday buggy rear tyre with wheelXXXXXXXXXXX
50154Holiday buggy front armXX
50155Servo saverXXXXXXXX
50156Ford range F150 tyres and wheel XXXXX
50157Golf racing body setXX
50158Reanault 5 turbo body setXX
50159Ford ranger F150 body partX
50160Trasnsistorized speed controllerXX
50161Pick 4×4 toyota body partX
50162Pick 4×4 toyota tyres and wheelX
50163Toyota 4×4 Leaf sprintXX
50164Blazing Blazer body setX
50165Blazing Blazer spare tyres setX
50166Honda F2 body setXXXX
50167Brabham BT50 body setXXXXXX
50168Sponge tyre front C setXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50169Sponge tyre rear G setXXXXXXXX
50172racing speed controllerXXXXXXXXX
50173differetial gear (medium)setXXXXXXXXX
50174Alluminium pinion gear set 16 and 17 TXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50175Alluminium pinion gear set 18 and 20 TXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50176Tornado rear shaft setXX
50177Tornado front arm setXX
50178Tornado bumperX
50179Wild Willy tyres setX
50180Wild Willy body setX
50181Wils Willy front arm setXXXX
501823 speed controllerXXXXXXXX
50183Buggy spike rear tyres spare setXXXXXXXXXX
50184Super Champ body setX
50185Buggy sponge tyres rear XXXX
50187Ford C100 body setXX
50188Ford c100 bumperX
50190audi quattro rally bodyXX
50191subaru brat bodyXXX
50192subaru brat pinion gearXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
50193adjustable racing shockXXXXXXXXXX